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Ponytail 2 - 800 Totemic Orca Pacific

Ponytail 2 - 800 Totemic Orca Pacific scrub hat
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Ponytail 2 Scrub Cap - Complimentary Border

Made in USA
100% cotton
Durable construction
Heat sealed poly tie back ribbons
No elastic in headband
One size fits most
Attached pocket for ponytail
Excellent for short to VERY long hair
Complimentary border
Keywords: Alaska, Alaskan, Native American, totemic, tribal, whale, orca, killer whale, Pacific, ocean, batik, aquamarine, navy, chalk blue

Description: Premium Cotton hand dyed batik with Alaskan motif. This is an Alaskan designed fabric by Dave and Lisa Moore of Sitka, sourced from Rushin' Tailor's Quilt Alaska, a quilting shop in Skagway, Alaska that specializes in Alaskan and Northern themed fabrics including Native American designs.
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